For decades, we have lifted major projects out of crises, solved pertinacious conflicts worldwide, and leveraged companies under the most difficult circumstances in growth markets such as India to market leadership.

Our personal experience combined with the latest methods as mental techniques and quantum healing have led us to FASCINADE – a code for universal success.

FASCINADE consists of 10 success principles that enable a leadership consciousness based on authenticity, appreciation, and cooperation.

FASCINADE: Mit Fascinade zum Leader mit Impact

Use FASCINADE for Leaders with Impact.

Quantum Healing

Quantenheilung: Mit neuem Bewusstsein zu Freude und Lebensenergie

With a new consciousness to joy and life energy

Everything is energy. Isn't it strange that people who are generally regarded as control freaks remain so unaware of this fact and simply disregard this creativity? Just surrendering themselves to it, instead of consciously taking control of it? Do members of management care what the energetic state of their company is? Whether it fizzles out, as opposed to being well-targeted? Where they are blocked and why?

We make use of the findings of quantum physics and energy work to lead your company to long-term success, to lead people to success. The time is ripe to break with crusty old systems and ways of thinking and to open up to the latest findings of quantum physics.


Working with horses has to be experienced – it simply can't be put into words. Why are horses one of the keys to our work? Horses live within a herd structure, just as we humans do. Their rules for cooperation, however, are different. Knowing that they can only survive together, they are always striving to care for one another. Horses give much more than they require in return. They always give us a second chance.

Horses strive for tranquility, harmony, and peace. Their inner-connectedness makes them strong and peaceful and this is reflected outwardly by a dignified strength and joyful energy. Horses show us that there is no contradiction in being strong, yet humble and serving. Strength is not loud and destructive. Strength is quiet, graceful, grounded and loving. Horses allow you to get close, but also demand respect; they don't let you just walk all over them. They manage to strike an admirable balance between self-valuation and honest esteem for others.

Horses open our hearts and at the same time show us our limits, fears, and the obstacles in our path, but also our potential. They direct us back to ourselves and lead us on the path of loving self-acceptance. Nowhere else in life have I yet received such a degree of honest feedback. To engage in dialogue with horses brings us  to our limits at times, however when we overcome these limits, and so the way to endless growth, inner peace, and zest for life is opened up.

Pferde: Mit bahnbrechenden Methoden zur maximalen Strahlkraft

With pioneering methods for maximum brilliance


Thanks to expertise – grounded, credible and targeted

Thanks to expertise – grounded, credible and targeted

For over 25 years we have worked in challenging management positions on four continents, developing global leaders, moving billion-dollar projects forward, transforming major challenges, and tapping into complex markets.

Our diverse leadership experience is based on many successes, but also on failures, combined with the unique ability to connect the diverse worlds of science, management and spirituality, has made us coveted and solution-oriented experts in the fields of global leadership and transformation.

The Laws of Life

Why are there lucky and unlucky people? Why do we repeatedly encounter the same situations? Why does everything suddenly go wrong? Why is everything getting faster and faster? Why do wars and conflicts escalate? Why does the destruction of the planet have no end in sight?

The laws of life answer many of these questions for us. They are not taught in schools and nevertheless steer the course of events. If we internalize them and build our lives on them, we gain strength, confidence, become the creators of our own lives, and are thus able to actively shape our environment.

We accompany and support our customers in this transformation of thinking, feeling, and acting – a golden key for a golden future.

Crack the Business Code with the Universal Laws of Life

Crack the Business Code with the Universal Laws of Life

The Wonder of Nature

Thanks to nature to serenity, solidarity and

Thanks to nature to serenity, solidarity and

In every natural creature dwells the wondrous (Aristotle).

Let us learn again to use nature as a source of strength and to discover the wonder in ourselves.

The physical and psychic healing aspect of nature is reproduced in that way, and has also been scientifically investigated and proven. Studies show that stress hormones decrease up to 50% after a stay in the forest. Unconsciously, we feel these effects and develop a yearning for nature.

Since we live and work surrounded by nature, we use its wonderful forces in our work for and with our customers. Nature brings us back to a deep connection with ourselves, with our environment, and with life.


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