The purpose-driven leader

The art of authentic leadership


At a time in which core values are being shaken, changes are happening more quickly than ever, and in which expectations of employees are on the rise, credibility and trust play an absolutely central role in leadership.

These properties require authentic leaders as models who are emotionally intelligent, mentally strong, and who are capable of reflection. For executives it is important to show the courage to critically analyse even their own patterns of behavior in order to continue straight along the path, to make decisions, and to overcome resistance. We need executives who make their environment radiant and successful based on their inner light.

Our Leadership Course is unique in how it addresses the personality of the participants and builds leadership skills to develop authentic, outstanding leading personalities. Thanks to the use of our horses as mirrors and other modern learning techniques, you can apply what you've learned right away and in so doing accomplish sustainable change.

Main topics

  • Self-leadership and self-confidence
  • Communication and representation
  • Leadership of employees
  • Relationships and dealing with conflicts
  • Individual coaching


2 x 5 days, 9 am until approx. 6pm

  • You are aware of your own strengths.
  • You present yourself as self-confident and strong.
  • You communicate clearly and unambiguously.
  • You define your objectives and are committed to them.
  • You create valuable and lasting relationships and resolve conflicts professionally.
  • You get to know and apply your own authentic leadership style.
  • You enjoy leading.
  • Executives
  • project heads
  • young professionals from all areas

Our course spans 2 five-day blocks (2 modules each), supplemented by 3 extra individual coaching sessions and an introductory day.

The participants are accompanied according to their needs through the 4 modules:

Introductory day

Block 1:

  • Self-management and self-confidence (2 days)
    Leadership starts with your own personality. Are you the choreographer and conductor of your own life?
  • Communication and representation (3 days)
    Communication must be unambiguous, clear, and real. Learn in this module how to communicate convincingly and to be able to present your issues to the audience with confidence.

Block 2:

  • Employee management (3 days)
    Credibility and trust play a key role for any leader. Get to know and apply your own authentic leadership style.
  • Relationships and Conflicts (2 days)
    Learn how to create valuable and lasting relationships and how to resolve conflicts professionally.

3 individual coaching sessions

Participants should be aware of what leadership means for them in private as well as in public circumstances and should show interest in further personal development. No knowledge of horses is required: participants are gradually introduced to the horses. Riding is not part of the official course.

Complete course incl. 3 individual coachings: CHF 12’950.- incl. documentation, excl. lunch

  • Introductory day
  • Module 1 & 2
  • 3 individual coachings

Costs per module: CHF 6’900.- incl. documentation, excl. lunch

  • Introductory day
  • Module 1
  • 1 individual coaching

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