The authentic school of life

New energy for a quantum leap in life


Become a life professional and accomplish your own personal transformation.

We all have pushed ourselves in school for many years and fed our brains with extensive information. But were we prepared for life? For change, death, demanding relationships, conflicts, and the constant confrontation with ourselves – with our wishes, desires and fears? Life is simple if we know its laws and respect them; it then becomes a beautiful dance. When is the last time that you invested in yourself? Do you want to be a conductor in your own life? To finally tackle what is long overdue, to leave behind what belongs in the past, and to look forward to the future with optimism?

Our course, ‘the authentic school of life', introduces you to the laws of life and helps you to clear obstacles out of the way so that you can enjoy this path responsibly and at one with yourself. The ‘authentic school of life' is the best platform from which to jump into a full life.

Main topics

  • The universal laws and their application in everyday life
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Calling and personal goals
  • Fears and behavioural patterns
  • Communication
  • Relationships and dealing with conflicts
  • The course will be additionally supplemented by individual coaching sessions.


12 or 8 days, 9 am until approx. 6pm

  • Discover new facets of your personality.
  • You get to know the universal laws and apply them in everyday life.
  • You will learn how to communicate confidently and stand up for your needs.
  • You assume active leadership in your life and begin to recognize patterns of behavior, beliefs, and other obstacles and overcome them.
  • You will learn how to act in difficult relationship situations, which patterns you control, and how to deal with conflicts respectfully and grow from them.
  • People who want to actively tackle their lives.
  • People who are searching for their vocation or have not found the strength to follow it.
  • People whose lives need a direction, a change.
  • People who seek the path to personal success.

Our course is unique while working with various methods and highly respecting the attendees in their unique personality. Building on this, themes are handled individually, goals are set and a personal tool set will be developed. The selective use of horses as a mirror ensures that the participants will be taken quickly to the core points, be able to actively implement what they have learned, and achieve lasting changes.

  • The mirror (1 day)
    The first step to change – recognize potential and uncover personal barriers.
  • Vocation and potential (4 days)/Complete course
    Exciting work around the questions: Who am I? Where is my potential, my work, my passion? Where do I want to go? Where am I today? How do I implement ideas, visions, and goals? What is my life plan and my heart's way?
  • Self-management and self-confidence (2 days)
    Leadership starts with your own personality. Are you the choreographer and conductor of your own life?
  • Communication and representation (3 days)
    Communication must be unambiguous, clear, and real. Learn in this module how to communicate convincingly and to be able to present your issues to the audience with confidence.
  • Relationships and Conflicts (2 days)
    Learn how to create valuable and lasting relationships and how to resolve conflicts professionally.
  • Complete course, 12 days: CHF 8’950.-
  • Course (without vocation and potential), 8 days: CHF 6’100.-


  • costs incl. documentations and 3 individual coachings
  • Meals and accommodation are not included.
  • Well-priced overnight accommodation nearby or directly at the ALVA Leadership Center

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The authentic school of life

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