Radiant presentation

How you can win the hearts of your audience thanks to storytelling and your personality.


Do you not reach your audience in the way you that you have imagined, or would you simply like to strengthen and professionalize your presentation skills?

Do you spend sleepless nights preparing your lectures, presentations, and public appearances, with your heart racing? Is it difficult for you to speak in front of people?

Then you belong here with us, for our one-of-a-kind combination of storytelling, practice sequences (video-based) and the work with horses as a mirror guarantees high gains in learning and experiences that very few participants would have expected at the beginning of their training.

Main topics

  • Presentation begins with the heart
  • Mental strenght and self-confidence
  • Structure and sequence of presentations and talks
  • Convincing, poised performance
  • Dealing with fear
  • Using language and voice properly
  • Being conscious when it comes to body-language
  • Dealing with slips – being real, not perfect!


2 days, 9 am until approx. 6pm

  • Conscious and purposeful use of storytelling.
  • Present convincingly and with joy.
  • You are aware of your own strengths.
  • You communicate clearly and unambiguously.
  • You present yourself as self-confident and strong.
  • People who often present, lead meetings, or hold talks.
  • People in the limelight and in public.
  • People wanting an assured and convincing appearance.
  • Executives
  • Teachers

No knowledge of horses is required: participants are gradually introduced to the horses. Riding is not part of the official course.

CHF 1‘250.- incl. documentation, excl. lunch

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Radiant presentation

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