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Feminine qualities are decisive for the new age. Intuition, empathy, and compassion are crucial qualities. In addition, the economy cannot survive without a larger proportion of women being involved.

Nevertheless, the proportion of women in highly skilled positions is increasing only very slowly. Many women lack self-confidence and the courage to expose themselves to the hard wind of the business world. And even if they do, then they often let themselves be bent to such a degree that their much-needed qualities hardly have room to express themselves; they become hard-skinned puppets of the business world.

Based on our own experience, we'll show you from woman to woman, how you may boldly instantiate your key qualities and become a radiant (leading) personality.

Main topics

  • Building blocks of authentic self-leadership
  • Deepening of perception and nonverbal communication
  • Overcoming unwanted behavioural patterns
  • Detecting emotional and/or mental blocks


2 days, 9 am until approx. 6pm

  • You are aware of your own strengths.
  • You communicate clearly and unambiguously.
  • You define your objectives and are committed to them.
  • You present yourself as self-confident and strong.
  • You enjoy leading.
  • Women who want to reach further in their leadership position or gain a better grasp of it.
  • Women with project responsibility.
  • Independent women.
  • Women who aspire to leadership role or are looking for re-entry.

Participants should be aware of what leadership means for them in private as well as in public circumstances and should show interest in further personal development.

CHF 1‘250.- incl. documentation, excl. lunch

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For women only

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