Transformation of global challenges

  • An IT company is suffering from stagnant sales and has to let products and services go to ensure its own survival with clarity and focus.
  • An engineering company is looking for expansion opportunities in growing markets such as India and China.
  • The employees in a company are faced with a demanding change.
  • A multinational machine production company suffers from the massive drop in prices in raw materials and the entire company must completely re-align itself with countless transitional projects to transform processes, structure, and culture.

Changes are ever-present and affect every industry. Companies must not only learn to deal with changes and the accompanying symptoms such as anxiety, resistance, and conflicts, but must also recognize that a skilful handling of changes constitutes the golden path to genuine high performance.

More than 50% of all projects worldwide fail and less than 30% of all joint ventures are successful. We are in need of a radical transformation.

With pioneering methods – our keys – and approaches combined with implementation experience in over 30 countries on 4 continents, we contribute a decisive boost of energy to projects and companies for the successful transformation of large challenges.