The idea is simply brilliant. I’m overwhelmed! One receives a lot of valuable feedback in a non-judgemental and very neutral way.

Esther, Business Woman

It was very difficult for me to watch everything at the same time. This was made even more difficult by my desire to always do things right. I need to become more relaxed and focused. I’m also going to try to rely more on my intuition rather than my constantly demanding intellect. I found it fascinating to observe how patient and understanding the horses were with us laymen. We should be just as patient with our colleagues and fellow human beings.

Markus, Engineer

Many thanks for the extremely interesting session we had yesterday afternoon, I very much enjoyed it and really found it very appealing and interesting working with horses and the fact they are TRUE and really help us focus on that!

Alexia, Human Ressource Manager

Clear communication is very important. All too often I assume that the person I’m talking to already knows what I want to say, and then I don’t express myself clearly. Misunderstandings result. The horses demanded direct and clear communication from me.

Marianne, Business Woman and Mother

There were ups and downs for me throughout the day. Insecurity traded places with a sense of achievement, and then frustration. I was left with many impressions: Leadership must be differentiated. More attention should be paid to body language. Constant attentiveness is required, and this is exhausting. At any rate, I received suggestions which I will put into daily use.

Claes, IT-Professional

I felt that there was more in me than I was actually living. I have access to a Porsche, but am driving a clunker. That can’t be! I’m going to work on building more strength, through inner peace, so I can lead more clearly.

Vreni, Mental Coach

It was a difficult day. I became aware that I often carry stress inside me; I’m seldom focused; and, I often confuse myself with my own inner chaos. No wonder the horse and people around me no longer know what I want or expect. I have to learn to pay attention, and sometimes force myself, through concentration and candid communication, to do so.

Susanne, Business Manager

What I was experiencing today is a wonderful gift for life.

Gianpaolo Cecchin

Today I have lived through the two days of training again. It is incredible how detailed I remember the scenes with the horses and even how I felt with it. The exchange with you and the other participants has been extremely enriching. I am looking into the future and will face the new responsibility calmly knowing that I am capable of leading as long as my conviction is nurtured by heart.

Participant, Training Business Woman

Today we experienced a highly enriching day by not spending but saving money.

Reto Stauffer, Head of Personal and Organizational Development, Migros-Verteilerbetrieb Neuendorf AG, Switzerland

Klare Kommunikation ist sehr wichtig. Viel zu oft gehe ich davon aus, dass mein Gegenüber sowieso schon weiss, was ich mitteilen will und drücke mich dann nicht klar aus. Das gibt Missverständnisse. Die Pferde haben von mir direkte und eindeutige Kommunikation verlangt.

Marianne, Betriebswirtschafterin und Mutter

Your training is a lot of fun. It’s been a fascinating firewoks display of unforgettable impressions. It’s been awesome.

Astrid, Entrepreneur


Jürg Rutschmann, Swisscom

I never got such an honest and real feedback in such short spell.

Alfred Rist-Vogt

Dear Friends, we arrived in New Delhi during early hours of Saturday Augus 21,2010 from Paris via Zurich. Training Programme on Leadership organized by equiXplore Ltd. was marvelous in every sense. We learned a lot during this small programme and enjoyed every bit of it during our stay with you in Switzerland. We are grateful and thankful to your team(including Horses) for working out minutest details of our itenary and making our stay very comfortable. Our special thanks to your team for taking so much care of our better halves(Wives) during our stay with you. My wife joins me in conveying her thanks to you all for the hospitality and warmth shown to them making their stay in Switzerland memorable. Now We look forward to your visit to New Delhi whenever it is possible in future. Thanking You.

Akhil Kumar, GM(Materials Management), POWERGRID, INDIA

The training at equiXplore has been a huge benefit to me. Many thanks. It has been impressive and of utmost value for my future development. I will always remember the work with the horses and the magnificent support of the team and I will implement all my learnings in a sustainable way.

Roland Leimer,  Projekt Manager, B+S AG, Schweiz