With a consciousness characterised by authenticity, appreciation, and cooperation, we furnish companies with the maximum radiance and thus enable the transformation of enormous challenges and the active designing of change.

How can we manage major challenges?

What do the business models of the future look like?

How can we help to shape change successfully?

The answer lies not only in the adaptation of strategies, processes, and structures, or in technological innovations, but in the change of consciousness. For more than a century, values such as control, power, and market growth have allowed immense technological progress. Simultaneously, this awareness has plunged us ever deeper into a crisis of meaning, trust, and of the environment. In order to successfully tackle global challenges and in order to build a healthy world for our great-grandchildren, values such as compassion, cooperation and mutual respect are needed. We are developing these thanks to the courage to turn our gaze inward and to draw strength from our own authenticity.

Due to our many years of leadership experience, personal successes, but also failures, the book “Dare” resulted. It tells of the journey of the polar bear Robin, which eventually leads him to his true self, ‘Shiro', and an inner peace.

The book describes the way of personalities who overcome crises, whether because of hard times or crises due to bad choices, thanks to their ability to turn their gaze inwards, and who construe a sustainable world for the benefit of all.

BE SHIRO means to act with the clarity and wisdom of the heart and to radiate from within, in order to successfully master the great challenges of the 21st century with this energy.